Saturday, January 19, 2013

What’s new with Google’s web analytics?

Google has rolled out 3 interesting updates to the free analytics platform Google Analytics for:
  • In-Page Analytics
  • Mobile measurement trends
  • Google Tag Manager
Inpage Analytics:
What is In-page Analytics all about?
In-Page Analytics provides clickthrough data in the context of your site and is an effective tool to analyse your pages and optimise your content.
What’s the update?
Previously, In-Page Analytics was limited to showing clickthrough information by URL, but not by the actual link on the page, and was displaying information on links but not on other elements like buttons. This new feature will solve similar issues and takes In-Page Analytics to the next level, with attention to detail.
Mobile Measurement Trends:
In November, Google did a research in association with clickz and found out that about 87% marketers are looking for mobile marketing opportunity in 2013. The integrated marketing mix has a larger scope for mobile. 52% plan to create a mobile- or tablet-optimized website, 48% plan to increase engagement in mobile advertising, 41% hope to develop a mobile app etc.
Latest in mobile marketing research shows, Mobile is no longer an add-on to any advertising campaign.The belief and optimisim for mobile marketing has significantly grown in 2012.
Tag Manager:
What is Google Tag Manager and what’s the use?
Like most of Google offerings, Google Tag Manager is a free tool and it lets you add & update your website tags (including analytics, conversion tracking, remarketing and so on). One of the most useful features is the ability to add new tags to your site using a tag template instead of copying and pasting code. The user friendly and essy to use feature makes webmasters less dependant on technology teams for fetching data around tags.
What’s the update?
Google tag manager now comes with built in tag templates which can generate the codes on the fly with few inputs.
Hope you like the new updates and use them for better traffic segmentation and analysis.
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