Friday, January 24, 2014

Beginners SEO Training Course

Our bespoke 1 day beginners SEO training course is aimed at website supervisors and advertising and marketing executives wishing to acquire a sound standard know-how of search engine optimization methods through introductory training.

Satisfy note: Our fundamental SEO courses are run "internal" at your firm properties or at a well as signed Newbury training venue. This is not a "public course". Training is specifically developed and delivered for one company and is modified to their necessities.

With little previous knowledge of web layout or HTML is needed, as our SEO courses properly streamline each topic by providing functional hands-on examples as an introduction to SEO.

Our novice SEO training courses are developed to offer a superb overview of SEO essentials at an introductory to intermediate level.

To take full advantage of significance to your company, SEO course materials are consistently custom; tailored around the needs of the delegates and the customer's website.

Introductory SEO Course Outline

Topics covered in the introductory SEO training course typically include:

SEO Basics

·         Understanding how search engines index and rank pages in 2014
·         What is SEO?
·         A look at the latest Google SERP layout
·         How to avoid search engine penalties
·         Top Google ranking factors and recent Google changes
·         How to get started with SEO
·         Quantifying the benefits of SEO
·         SEO building blocks (the SEO Pyramid)
·         Search engine ranking hindrances
·         Common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them
·         Benchmarking progress of your SEO campaign
·         How to prepare and submit an XML sitemap to Google
·         How to check website indexation and cache in search engines
·         How to find broken links on your website
·         The importance of good website structure, layout and usability
·         How social media marketing can be combined with SEO

Content SEO

·         What is on-page SEO?
·         Importance of content, originality, quality, depth and engagement
·         Introduction to keyword research, selection and targeting
·         How to use the Google Keyword Planner
·         Introduction to semantic SEO copywriting
·         Top SEO tips to improve your content
·         Identifying ‘quick-wins’ from Google Analytics
·         How to optimize Page Title Tags, and Meta tags and their importance
·         How to use page headings (H1-H6 tags) and image ALT tags
·         How to identify and deal with duplicate content

Link Building and Off-Page SEO

·         What is off-page SEO?
·         What is Google Page Rank?
·         The right way to ask for a link!
·         How search engines analyze links to your site
·         Understanding and identifying different types of links
·         Sources of links and their relative value
·         Google Penguin update and link building risks.
·         How to find guest blogging opportunities in your niche
·         How to check domain and page authority
·         How to encourage social shares
·         What is link anchor text and how do search engines use it?
·         How to research your competitor's strongest links
·         How to start a simple but effective link building campaign
·         How to use Google to find sites which might link to you

Google Tools

·         Quick introduction to Google Analytics
·         Quick introduction of Google Webmaster Tools

SEO Tips

·         The best free SEO tools and how to use them
·         Introduction to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools reporting
·         How to keep up to date with search engine algorithm changes
·         Recommended books on improving website conversion, web design and SEO
·         Review of your website with actions
·         Top tips to help improve ranking of your website.


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