Sunday, October 6, 2013

Google’s Hummingbird: Google introduces new 'Hummingbird' search algorithm

Google’s Hummingbird Takes Flight: SEOs Give Insight On Google’s New Algorithm

On the eve of his 15th birthday last week, Google revealed hummingbird name a new search algorithm. Calculated to be more specific and provide faster query results, the algorithm is based on semantic search, focusing on user intent versus individual search terms. Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan explained in answer to your question: All New Google "Hummingbird" about the algorithm:

Or the meaning of the whole sentence or conversation - rather than specific terms, the birds are taken into consideration to ensure that the whole question in a query is paying more attention to each word. The goal of semantic matching pages matching pages rather than just a few words, to do better.

Hummingbird official announcement was made last week, while most reports showing it began rolling out a month ago. Penguin and Panda algorithm update your existing Unlike Google, hummingbird is a complete replacement. Google search chief Amit Singhal, a Google algorithm birds since 2001 has been rewritten so dramatically represents the first time that Danny Sullivan said.

(Reuters) - Google Inc has overhauled its search algorithm, the foundation of the Internet's dominant search engine, to better cope with the longer, more complex queries it has been getting from Web users.
Amit Singhal, senior vice president of search, told journalists on Thursday that the companies start on its latest "Hummingbird" algorithm about a month ago and that it currently affects 90 percent of worldwide searches via Google.
Google's use of the Internet is trying to keep pace with the development. Search queries become more complex, the traditional "Boolean" or keyword-based system because the concepts and meanings of words need to match start deteriorating.
"Hummingbird" documents on the Internet now ubiquitous Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the search engine conceived with the Menlo Park garage Singhal said the company seeks to match the meaning of the questions.

" What was it like to find in 1998, remember? Boot your computer you sit down and heavy, in some keywords squawky modem, dial-up type, 10 blue links to websites and those that had the words, "Singhal wrote in a separate blogpost.

"The world has altered so much since then: billions of people have come online, the Web has grown-up exponentially, and now you can ask any inquiry on the powerful little device in your pocket."


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