Friday, December 28, 2012

Google Search Engine Marketing Videos

Google has made their AdWords program more oblique through the use of quality scores that aim to reduce ad costs for trusted merchants while increasing costs for smaller lesser known advertisers (and advertisers who run sloppy off target ad campaigns). In a blog post Google also mentioned that they dislike certain types of websites, and will render many of them unprofitable by doling out a low quality score. If Google renders your model irrelevant it is easier to create a new business model than it is to get them to change how they approach advertising.
Their advice on optimizing AdSense ad placement might also cause some webmasters to get too aggressive with monetization to where they undermine their site credibility and hurt their long term revenue potential.

Google AdWords & AdSense Videos

Google Ad Auction Basics

How Google AdWords Quality Score Works

Looking for Top Paying AdSense Keywords?

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