Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to Get Better Visibility on Google | Google’s Matt Cutt

Anyone who has been involved in SEO knows who Matt Cuttsis. He is possibly the most public face of Google’s search team. He specializes in web spam, but is always dropping suggestion about what is going on behind the scenes, as well as honestly telling whoever will listen how they can rank better in Google.

In this video, Matt Cutts is interviewed by USA Today’s Jefferson Graham. Whenever Matt Cutts speaks, it is good to listen. This can be especially true in interview type situations where he is answering questions and speaking ‘off the cuff’ rather than in a prepared statement.

In these situations, there are often times a number of golden nuggets that can be taken from the conversation and put into good practice. This is well worth a watch, as is everything Matt Cutts has to say!

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