Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Most Important Factors of SEO: Content and Links

"Content and Links" are the two most important factors of SEO. But it doesn't mean that put the big content and get huge backlinks for your site and your website will rank higher in search engine results page. Most of the time a site having less content and links ranks higher in SERP. It's all about quality not quantity.

Quality Content: As every internet marketing expert says "content is king", content id the most important factor. Google or other search engines consider websites as a source of information and content is the most preferred medium to provide information to everyone. So it’s not about just the uniqueness of the content, following factors should be considered before adding content to website:

· Quality of information

· Purpose of the content

· Should be unique

· Should be easy to read and understand

· One topic per paragraph

· Keyword Density: 3% to 7% (As I suggest)

· Keyword Prominence: Placing important keywords in the top of the page.

· Keyword Proximity: Closeness between two keywords.

· Use less stop words

Quality Link: Back links is another most important factor in search engine ranking. Most of the people think that getting huge links will rank you higher in search engines, but its not like that. Sometimes getting huge no of links will penalize your site in search engines. There are following factors to be considered for link building:

· Relevancy

· Number of links should be lesser on that page from where we are getting the links

· Should be in start of the page

· Should be Do Follow

· Try to change the description after 4-5 sites

· Avoid paid links

· Try to get links for all the main pages not just for home page only

· Link page from where we are getting link should be 1 click away from the home page

· Interlink the whole websites content

· Try to get links from authority sites link .gov, .org etc.

Hope these tips will help you to improve your rankings.

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